Courtship Memories

The bitterly cold month of January was coming to an end and
as an eighteen year old girl, I was thinking thoughts of Spring.
I had seen enough snow that winter to last me for a lifetime..or
at least I thought I had.

One day I was helping my Step-Mom to clean the upstairs
windows of our huge old home. I kept wondering why the
people that built that house nearly 100 years ago would want
such massive windows in the first place, it only meant
lots of cleaning to me. As I looked out that tall window, I
noticed something new had been added or rather
Some-One new had been added.

As I watched the scene below, I noticed that the some-one
was a young man dressed in Air Force Blues. My, how dashing
he looked and it had been a long time since I had seen any
new faces in our little town & especially a military man.

I did not recognize him, but I watched him as he went
down the street opposite of where we lived. I thought that it
was probably just someone visiting and I would never see him
again. I was wrong. The next day, I was downstairs looking out
of a window again when this same young man walked past our
house on his way to a little Mom and Pop general store that
was next door to us.

I was good friends with the owners of that store and as
a child, I was a playmate of their two children. I asked my
Step-Mom if she needed anything from the store and she
replied with a small "need list". I gladly went flying out
the front door and into the store where I was greeted by
Mrs. Miller (the owner) in her usual loving and cheerful
way. After smiling in reply to her greeting.

I noticed this military man looking at objects on another
shelf. As he smiled broadly at me, I noticed he had the most
gorgeous smile I had ever seen. I was so dumb-struck by his
charisma and trying hard to look intelligent that I told
Mrs. Miller that I wanted to purchase a Loaf of Milk and a
Quart of Bread.

Instantly, I realized that I had made a ridiculous mistake
and I found myself totally embarrassed. Both Mrs. Miller and
the gentleman were aware of it as well, but neither made an issue
of it. I quietly paid for my purchases and quickly escaped out
of that store.

The following day, while visiting a girl friend, this young
man walked into the house. I stared as if seeing a ghost and his
Mom asked if he recognized me. That same wide grin was matched
only by his sparkling deep brown eyes. I could only sit and smile
in return. As his Mom said my name, instantly
.....he replied," not that skinny pig tailed kid"...WOW !

The formalities over, we started chatting and the next day....he
called my parents and asked if I could date him. I was beside
myself in happiness. We had so much snow and icy roads that winter
and could not drive because of the danger. Suddenly, I didn't mind
shoveling snow with him by my side, we built a snowman, went sled
riding, and drank lots of hot chocolate. It was a most
wonderful courtship.

As January turned to February and then to March, I realized
I loved this man. He presented me with a proposal on Easter Sunday
as soon as he walked me home from church. I gleefully accepted and
we set the date for April 29th. We had dated exactly three months
to the day of our marriage and we celebrated forty-five years
this past April.

God has been so good to us, we both accepted Jesus into our
hearts and we were given two beautiful children who have
accepted Jesus as their Savior as well.

One other blessing in our marriage came in the form of a
baby Grandson. How good our God is to his children and with
gratitude in my heart for all that I have been
given in my life, I Praise Him.

Ann Marie Fisher
© 2006

Scripture: Song of Solomon 8: 7

 Many waters cannot quench love, neither
can the floods drown it






Song: "True Love Ways"
Sequenced By Keith Thomas
I got it at Smick and Smodoo's

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