In the heart of most small towns and villages there is a little
country store. Our little town was no exception and many
transactions took place there. Like any small mercantile, there
was a small selection of almost everything one could want or need
The nearest "big" town was five mile away and since this was mostly
farming areas, the visits to the big chain stores were limited.

The area was full of children, stay-at-home Moms and folks that
had lived most of their lives there. Senior citizens came to make a
small purchase such as a Cola which was called a soft drink or bottle
of pop. This store was often used for a meeting place for folks to
exchange the time of day as well as gather news of any new births or
deaths, of who was planting what and how many acres.

My folks moved to that little village when I was five years old and
that store and the Miller's were sort of like my second family. I
played jump rope & board games, hide and go seek and all the games a
typical child would play. Having the Miller's children for playmates
was a wonderful thing.

My Step-Mom would send me for items that she needed and I can still
hear the sound of their screen door as it slammed shut when a customer
went inside and I can hear the clicking sound that was made when the
heavy latch on the door was opened during the Winter time. The shutting
of the door and the smell of the heavily oiled wooden floor made for a
comforting feeling as one shopped for the necessities in that little village.

The floor had some familiar squeaks in places as you walked over it's
surface and in the summer time, there was a small window in the back
of the store that was opened for fresh air. The screen door was left
open all day in the heat of summer and this provided cross ventilation.

Mr. Miller had a tall standing fan that blew air outward toward the
door and incoming folks were greeted with a blast of fan cooled air
as they entered the store. Ladies with long hair tried to get past the
fan quickly because there was no such thing as hair spray in those days.

Ahhh, memories, sweet memories of an era where everyone was
known and greeted warmly with a smile by the owners upon entering
and a good-bye greeting upon leaving. It was indeed a lovely time to be
living in a tiny village in Central Pennsylvania.

I loved it!

ŠAnn Marie Fisher







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