Christmas music was playing on the radio and stores
were filled with newly put up decorations. The
children in our little village were so excited that we
could barely contain ourselves as we looked forward
to Christmas. The sky had turned pale gray as the
clouds were snow laden and began to drop the lacy
looking flakes ever so gently downward upon our faces.

I hurried home from elementary school, almost bursting
from happiness at the thought of snow. All the children
knew Santa needed snow for his sleigh to get a running
start up into the air.

It was December 1st and as I burst through the door
of our home, I was immediately transported to Christmas
village, you see my Step-Mom loved the Christmas
holidays and decorated nearly every foot of space in
our home. There were wreaths on all doors, little shiny
foil bells hanging from every window as well as electric
candelabra setting on the wide windowsills.

Oh Yes, It was the Christmas season to be sure. The
kitchen table took on a new life as there was cookie
baking nearly every day. Sometimes two or three kinds
were made in one day. The smell of Chocolate chip,
peanut butter, sand tarts, snickerdoodles and
raisin-filled cookies were a virtual smorgasbord to
my little 6 year old eyes.

Our house was built with very thick brick walls that
withstood those bitterly cold Pennsylvania Winters
and being so old, there were no such things as storm
windows then. As the winds whipped , it became like
a whistling or sometimes howling sound around the
corners or eaves of the house. This made the warmth
from our wood stove and the scent of the cookies even
more cozy. My, how I loved those childhood days.

My Dad worked for the Pennsylvania Railroad and
when he came home from work to a house filled with
cooking and baking smells, he used to tease me about
making sure I wrote my letter to Santa and to be
extra good, so I would get gifts on Christmas morning.
I was ready to burst from trying to be so good.

On Christmas eve, I was told to be in bed early,
because if Santa flew over and I was not asleep,
he would not leave any presents for anyone. I was
so excited & sleep would not come to me. I panicked
and just willed myself to sleep, while listening for
sounds from the Hugh chimney that was next to
my bedroom wall.

I must have fallen asleep for the next morning when
I awoke, I found the doll of my dreams, some puzzles,
a new dress and my first little girl necklace. I had
indeed been a good girl.

As I aged and put dolls behind me, I found the reason
for celebrating Christmas was not for gifts, but for
the One who came as a Babe in a manger. He is the
Son of God and his name is Jesus. He came to give us
all the most wonderful gift possible. Salvation.....It is
free to all who will ask , trust and believe. On
December 8th, 1983 I accepted Jesus free gift of
Eternal life and there is no other gift to equal it.

Thank you Jesus!

Ann Marie Fisher
October 30, 2006

Ephesians 2: 8-9

For by grace are ye saved through faith;
and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:
Not of works,  (effort) lest any man should boast.





Composition "Deck The Halls"


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