Thank You for the Awards and Gifts that you
add to this page, I accept them as an honor
beyond words for me to say! For my co-workers
in the cause for Christ Jesus to honor this site is
awesome..Much more than the award, or gift,
I appreciate your Love and Friendship!
Those are worth more than gold to me!

It is for Jesus that
I live and work and would like every page on this site
to honor and please Him, and also be a blessing to
others. Jesus is the Light in my life, and without Him I am
I know this because I was once lost and without His
Love in my heart, and I

Each Award and gift here has touched
my heart,and each one is so special to me!

I love And Thank You With All My Heart.

Please click the awards and gifts to visit the sites that
contributed them, you will be blessed!





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Webmistress Melva

ŠSilver and Gold and Thee 2004