Wherefore by their fruit ye shall know them.
Matt. 7: 20 KJV

I have two close friends who will meet each other
for the first time, about this time, next week.
This poem is for them......

Sharing Your Fruits

Traveling through the clear blue sky,
Watching the fluffy white clouds,
Shy is going to finally meet Siggy,
A friend from the cyber-space crowd.

As they share their fruits they have gathered
They will sing, they will dance, they will pray
The Joy of the Lord they share with each other
Will guide them each step of the way.

For they have shown the Fruits of the Spirit
To every one that they know.
Faithfulness, gentleness, kindness,
Patient goodness, wherever they go.

Peace and Joy will start each day
As the fruits of the Spirit they share.
I know they will have a wonderful time,
Only wish that I could be there!!!!

God Bless,
Enjoy your trip, and remember............
U R Loved.

April 7 2006

Thank You Karen ~ You are a Precious Friend





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