"My dear friend Andrea,"

We have known each other for a number
of years and it has always been a true
pleasure to call you a dear friend. Your
constant pages are an ongoing inspiration

to all. Thank you for being such a wonderful
person. God has truly touched your heart
as you reach out to others. Have a
"Happy Birthday" and I will say a special

prayer for you on Friday 9th. You are lucky
you do not live where I do or you would be
having your birthday a day earlier.
(It will be Saturday 10th here).

May God bless you and yours always
and may the Love and Peace of Christ
be with you forever.

Eddie (DBK)

If I had never met you
my life would not be the same
I feel my heart rate deepen
at the mention of your name;

For I know when all about me
are lifting up their stones,
Youd be there right beside me -
never leave me there alone.

Before I ask, youre praying,
for the needs you know I have,
And we both know how we feel
about some things before we ask.

I know the reason its so plain,
it isnt hard to see,
We both want to please our Master -
Hes how wed like to be.

I wish Id know you long ago,
but we cant help that now;
I want to say how glad I am
that we did meet somehow.

Its almost like a miracle
when love grows strong and true;
Im so glad to say sincerely,
"Happy Birthday to you!!!"

Joan Clifton Costner

If I could pick a birthday gift,
I'd choose a rainbow just for you,
With all the colors of the world,
Every tint and shade and hue.

Reds - to warm and cheer you,
Pinks - to soften woes,
Blues - to calm and soothe you,
Golds - to create glows.

Violets - to stir your memories,
Greens - to help you dream,
Yellows - to brighten pathways,
Lavenders - for things serene.

But I can't give to you a rainbow ,
That's Someone else's job,
But I can pray a rainbow for you,
As a gift to you from God.

"Love and Happy Birthday Andrea,"


Dear Andrea,

I wish you a Happy Birthday,
and just want you to know that
you're in my thoughts and prayers.
Love you lots, your friend,


May God Bless you today
with all good things,
A warm hug, some laughter,
a song your heart sings.

You give so much of your
love to your friends,
We pray that these
Blessings never end.


Dearest Andrea:

I am thankful to our Lord
for your friendship and all
that we have shared through
the years.

"Birthday Wishes"

to you
My Dear Friend.

Love ya,
Angel Hugs,

I am thinking of you and praying for you
to have a good day on your Birthday this
year. You are a wonderful and true friend.
God Bless You Andrea,


Happy Birthday PRECIOUS Andrea!

A friend, and sister in Christ like you
adds so much joy and love to life.Wishing
for you comfort and peace, and strength,
that surpasses all our understanding,
from our Almighty Lord and Savior.  

I Love you!


A rainbow of warm wishes and
blessings for your birthday..
One star shines much brighter
in heaven tonight, and you know
who it is...

God Bless,
John at Heavens Gates

 Happy Birthday Andrea,
and many blessings to one
who is a blessing to others.
May the richness of God's
grace rest upon you today
and always, is our prayer.

Love in Christ,
Jo Ann

May your birthday be a great day
for you. May it be full of wonderful
memories!One that you will have for
the rest of your life! Have a great

Mary Tindall

Happy Birthday Andrea,
May the Lord bless you ,
Hold you in His loving arms,
Giving sweet blessing true.  


My precious friend Andrea...

So many miles apart and yet
such close friends that are
bonded by our willingness to
share our thoughts with others
and share beautiful gifts that

God has allowed. I love you my
sister in Christ and though you
may smile through your tears,
God has promised to comfort
you. I'm sure your Mom would

want you to smile and enjoy your
birthday today... so I wish you
lots of "Birthday Wishes" and
hope you know that you are loved
by so many.



I wish you a very
'Blessed Birthday,'
My thoughts and prayers are
with you on this day.

In Jesus Love,
Jimmy C.

Dearest Andrea:

May God bless you on
your special day.
As we your friends
send our love your way.


I'm sending heartfelt wishes
Just to let you know
You're so very special
You have a heart of gold.

Another year has ended
A new one soon begins.
I give my love and wishes
God bless you my sweet friend.


My precious, and longtime friend,
Our lives came together,
Eight years ago in chat,
That is a special day ,
No I'll never forget that!

You are blessed like no other,
A sister and a friend,
My wishes of love,
I do want to send.

Happy Birthday dear friend,



Know that Donna and I have
been truly "Blessed" by our
friendship, with you, and are
praying for your
"Peace & Comfort"

during this time. May you
continue to Trust in our
Awesome God.
Donna and I wish you a blessed
"Happy Birthday!"

Love & God Bless,
Bill & Donna Gabbard"


Roses are red...
Violets are blue...
Sending God's bountiful
Blessings to you!
Happy Birthday!

Love & Prayers,

There are many things I could say,
About what a precious friend you are,
But today, I'll just say "Happy Birthday"
It's your day to enjoy...You're "The Star!"

Love and best wishes
today and everyday,

Dear Precious Andrea,

God bless you and keep your
heart at peace as you celebrate
your birthday. My special
love to you. Knowing you is a joy.
May God give you the strength

you need to carry on the great
work you are doing for His
Glory and the blessing you are
to all of us. Big hugs to you.
In His Love,

(from Alabama)

Dearest Andrea,


The world was blessed when you came
into it. Our Heavenly Father gave you
a heart so big and so full of love and
caring for others. I know there will

be many jewels in your crown. But for
now, you're crowned with Birthday wishes
from my heart. May the Lord continue
to enlarge your ministry to us all!

Love You!
Your Sister in Jesus,



Sending birthday wishes
on your special day.
With much love!


I'd like to wish you a
"Very Happy Birthday"
and hope you have many more....

Birthday Hugs

Dear Andrea,

I hope that you have a wonderful
Birthday, and may the Lord fill
you with an abundance of His
mercy and grace, and may He

pour out upon you His peace
that passes all understanding.
God bless you, peace be with you.

All my love,


Birthday wishes come your way,
For a blessed and happy day.
To a friend who is extra sweet,
A nicer person, you'll never meet.

She makes me feel so loved inside,
Always there, a friend to abide.
I love you Andrea and want to say,
"I wish you a Wonderful Birthday!"

Andrea, Dear Friend,
To you I would like to send
The moon, the stars and the sun,
But God gave those when the world begun.

So my love and best wishes I send to you
Given from a heart that's true.
Wishing for you, God's very best,
A perfect day, that for you, is blest.
I love you sweet friend!


Happy Birthday Andrea,
From all of us who love you,
And are blessed by your friendship!  

Shy and Melva and Friends


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