There's 'ol Johnny B, that bird of mine,
He's got out of the pen one more time!
Sittin' up there on top of that post,
He's a thinking that he's just the most!

He thinks he's hid from me.
That I'm out front and I can't see
Him out there trying his best,
To bring them hen's off'a their nests!

He's a crowing and a callin' to his hen's,
Trying his best to get them out of the pen.
Calling "Come on gal's make your escape,
Just sneak on under that little gate!

I scratched a hole down there for you,
To make it easy for you to get through.
The lady's out front in her flower garden,
Huh, What's that? I beg your pardon?

Oh No! She's snuck up on me, she sure did!
She's come a runnin' and bout flipped her lid!
Get outta my way gal's and let me back in,
That ol' lady's bout to commit the ultimate sin!

Chicken an dumpling's she wants to make outa' me,
And if you don't move that's what I'm gonna be!
Don't think she care's 'bout waitin' till Sunday,
I believe she likes 'em even on a Monday!"

Heeee Heeee, I scared that 'ol bird of mine!
He went back in with his hens one more time!
This has become a daily ritual for us,
I believe 'ol Johnny "B" likes to hear me fuss!

2005 November 12

Scripture from Proverbs:

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine:
A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance:
He that is of a merry heart hath a continual feast.

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