Storm clouds are gathering,
My soul is weighted in sorrow,
I dread the morning's dawn,
What will I face in the morrow?

I lay upon my chair saddened,
My heart cries out to the Lord,
I pray for peace and comfort,
I seek solace in His Holy word.

Storms of life begin raging,
Tear drops fall down my face,
Pleading to the One in control,
Asking His Spirit fill this lonely place.

Danger is on the horizon,
My ship is tossed by the sea,
My Lord God have mercy,
Jesus lay Your hand upon me.

I fall asleep in exhaustion,
With a prayer upon my lips,
Surely the Lord will protect ,
This danger His love will eclipse.

I awaken to cloud breaking skies,
There's been a Passing of the storm,
God's hand and His blessed love,
Quietened the turbulence I had borne.

©Gayle Davis

Scripture: from Psalm 91

Because he hath set his love upon
me, therefore will I deliver him:
I will set him on high, because he
hath known my name.

He shall call upon me, and I will
answer him: I will be with him in
trouble; I will deliver him, and
honor him.

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"April Rain"
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