From the snowy peaks of the mountain
To the gently moving river in the valley
His love and artwork is shown within
The beauty and freshness;
He gives us this gallery.

 A River Runs Through It

As I sit, come evening, and look closely at the river
There is a splitting of the water with land in the midst.
On one side is some rocks, and the waters rush by
Going to and fro, even sending out a fine lofty mist.

None the less, it rushes past the obstacles it meets.
Finding the peaceful solitude Of the slowly moving river again.
It is as if it's so tired, and allowed the much needed rest
But, with persistence it made it past all into the glen.

On the other side, the water softly moves around bends
And also comes into the glen, and meets with the first stream
Together again they make the river flow through the valley.
The sparkling water flowing by is like a beautiful dream.

Then I notice where the water had rushed into the rocks
That by that side of the river there were many lovely flowers.
The mist sent out fresh water for each to soak up and thrive,
So these flowers had the daily fresh misty showers.

Such is life as we struggle through it with many trials daily
We go smoothly and then obstacles come before us we must face
But, sometimes after going through them, we gain blessings.
And along the way, perhaps blessed others during these days.

Some days we do drift by, though, with ease and quietness.
And though no obstacles come before us, we make it till night
We may not feel the blessing as much as the days of struggle
But, trusting that He gives us a mixture of days 'just right.'

I thank the Lord for the rocks along the way,
I thank the Lord for walking me through each trial
But most of all I thank the Lord for always being with me
He is with me through my daily walks, each and every mile..


Scripture from: Hebrew 13
For he hath said, I will never leave thee,
nor forsake thee.

This poem is used with Andrea's
permission. Please respect the
copyright and ask her if you
wish to use it.













Midi: ~Tara Theme

Sequenced by: Don Carroll
Permission Granted


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