As I View The Mountain Top

As I awoke I could smell the fresh aroma of the new day.
As I slowly walked to the window, raising up the shade
I could see it, - completely in its magnificent view
The breaking of dawn over the mountain tops God made.

The view was simply breathtaking, snowcapped mountains
Clouds so slowly moving, as to a slow melodious tune
They seem to be nearly held up by the mountain tops
This etched in my mind, the day will begin very soon

Oh, how I dreaded to pull myself away from the window
This is an array of beauty that only God can share
And each day, I might view another of His wonders
As I stand, I fold my hands for my early morning prayer.

Genesis 1:1

 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.





I took these photos early, early in the am just at that magic time
when the sun begins to rise and all the  world seems blue
except for the Aspen Glow on the mountains!  (Ridgeway, CO)

Music: "Morning Has Broken"
Sequenced Bt Harry Todd
The "Gitpicker"

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