We’re in God’s heavenly rose garden,
We’re dressed ever so tenderly,
By the touch of His Hand every day,
We’ll grow and bloom beautifully.

God tends His garden of blooms to bear,
And He shines His Brilliance o’er us,
In His midst we’ll flourish and blossom,
By Perfection’s Rose Sweet Jesus.

The Heart of God is love for His Son,
Jesus’ the true Vine of Glory,
Our Father’s the Gardener of Blooms,
Oh I love to tell Love’s Story.

Yes a garden of blooms only lives,
And abides through Jesus the Vine,
If that isn’t love, there is no love,
He is our source of blooms Divine.

How He gives more of His Loving Life,
And we desire only His Hand,
As He gently breathes Love’s sweet fragrance,
Softly perfumed are blooms to stand.

We’re in God’s heavenly rose garden,
Clothed in Jesus so completely,
To flourish then nourish others’ blooms,
Loving one another sweetly.

©Sondra McPherson
November 24, 2005





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Midi: "If That Is Not Love"
Sequenced By: Wanda
Used with her permission




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