My Jesus
"Lamb Of God"

Lord You are the air I breathe
It's so hard for me to conceive
How very much You love me
 Your Love has set me free!

By Your Spirit's Love, I am drawn
Into my life there's a new dawn
It begins afresh each day as I arise
And my heart opens unto Your eyes

The peace You give to me
As I humbly bow before Thee
Within my heart is born anew
As I listen and wait for You

A deeper relationship I seek
I open my heart to hear You speak
My Lord draw me ever closer to You
It's Your desire ~ that I pursue

Lord I sing my praises to You
Just as You would have me do
You've given me the joy to sing
And to You ~ my love I bring


Psalmn 113: 3

From the rising of the sun unto the going
down of the same the Lord's name is to
be praised.


"A Shield"

From Quality Christian Midi
With Permission

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