Sing My Soul ~ Onto My Heart
Oh, sweet music ~ Never Part

Oh, sweet music like a friend so true
Lost without song ~ touching anew
Singing away heaviness ~ freeing soul
Empowered words releasing spirit's growth.

Songs of  love's sweet embrace.
Two become one in a sacred way.
Filling soul with sweet surrender,
Blessed of God who made love tender.

Songs of sorrow baring soul's tears,
Life can be cruel at times down here
Of Broken hearts songs do sing
Man without God ~ is nothing.

Songs for children a guiding light.
Discouraging wrong ~ encouraging  right.
Lifting little hearts as they sing along,
Believing with faith in God they're strong.

Songs of praise to God be sung.
So many voices ~ enfolded in one.
He hears us from His Heaven high.
To God be the Glory, song's arrive.

Oh sweet music like a friend so true.
Sing the songs that touch anew,
Carried away in melody's bliss
Such delight in this beautiful gift.

© 2005 October

Scripture From: Psalms 150

Let every thing that hath breath
praise the Lord

This poem is used with Jasy's
permission. Please respect the
copyright and ask her if you
wish to use it.

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