A Soul Searching Prayer

In the stillness of my mind,
I search for PRAISE there to find.
Simple words of Love to Thee,
For giving salvation and hope to me

Glory to your name Oh Lord.
All my being can afford
To send up to the throne of grace,
And may it’s whispers touch your face.

Unworthy am I of Your great Love,
So sweet and gentle like a dove.
My heart is full of gratitude,
My soul abides, in Love with you!

The windows of Heaven are open wide,
Ushering my Praise to your side.
Overjoyed with compassion for you
Tell me what else can I do!

Thorns and snares on every hand,
Turmoil and turbulence throughout the land,
But your grace is sufficient for all
Bearing burdens large or small.

A sweet refreshing of your Spirit
Sweeps over me, I feel so near it
What marvelous fountains flow from thee.
Bring peace and stillness over me.

That one drop of blood was shed
The one drop from the brow of your head
Paid the cost for all my sins,
Now forever I have peace within.

©Shirley Barr
March 4, 2006
All Rights Reserved©

Jude 1: 21 ~ 25

Keep yourselves in the love of God,
Looking for the mercy of our Lord
Jesus Christ unto eternal life.

This poem is used with Shy's
permission. Please respect the
copyright and contact her if
you wish to use it!





Song: "Our Great Savior"
From: Joyful Noise Music
Played by Joy Hardin

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