In the morning light I tend to my garden.
I feel the summer breeze sweetly blow,
tantalizing my senses with sweet aroma
of daffodils and lilacs, beauty overflows.

Here on my knees, I often think of you.
How you lovingly planted these flowerets
so we could smell their soft scent each eve
as we sat in the swing watching the sunset.

Reflections of you drift sweetly on the wind.
I remember how you gently held my hand.
Ours was a love that was touched by God.
Through every storm, our love did withstand.

Those were the good ole days of summer,
before God called you home to gloryland.
Still it's almost as if you're here by my side
here in the garden, oh what a wonderland.

So keep blowing, sweet summer breezes.
Bring with you thoughts of my true love.
I'll see to my garden 'till God calls me home
When we meet again in Heaven above.


This poem is used with Tina's
permission. Please respect the
copyright and ask her if you
wish to use it.


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Midi: "Spring and Times Gone By"
From Jack Hall's Original's
Used with Permission

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