Father, the oceans are so big and bold,
They have been here since the days of old.
Such beauty for our eyes to behold,
Many stories that will never be told!

So many have lost their lives at sea,
And a watery grave for them, it would be.
Loved ones never more to come home
As the sea did roar, and claim it's own.

How the ships do float and glide,
Sometimes bringing a man his bride.
Carrying precious cargo of some kind.
As through the wind they do wind.

Yes the oceans do beckon to me,
Though I would never want to be,
Riding the waves it does make,
To look from the shore, is how I partake!

I stand in awe of You, my God
By Your artistry, I am awed!
And by the plans You set into motion
When You created all of the oceans!


Psalm 105:1

O give thanks unto the Lord; call
upon His name: make known His
deeds among the people.


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"By The Sea"
A Composition By:
Bruce DeBoer 2004
Used With His Permission and My Thanks