The Same

The same Jesus
Born so long ago
Obedient Son of God
Who came to earth below

The same Jesus
Who walked among the lost
Loved unconditionally...
Envisioning the Cross.

The same Jesus
Raised Lazarus from the grave
Healed the sick and lame...
Lost souls, new life He gave.

The same Jesus
Who sits beside our God
Knows and understands
The path that we must trod.

The same Jesus
Is touching lives today
Because he rose victorious
Over death, hell and the grave.

He reaches out in love
And beckons, "Come to Me."
"I'll give eternal life
From sin, I'll set you free."

Would you heed His invitation?
I know He loves you so....
The same Jesus
Will never let you go!

He will lift you if you stumble
He will wipe away your tears
He waits so patiently
To calm all of your fears.

The same Jesus
Was, Is, Forever He shall be
"The Same Jesus"
For all eternity.

© 2006 Marie Williams

This poem is used with Marie's
permission. Please respect the
copyright and contact her if
you wish to use it!

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