Another Victory Won

My heart is searching for words
That I feel inside my heart,
About the love of Jesus my lord
That has kept me from the start.

And about the precious angels
God has given me,
If it were not for your love
There would be no me.

How can I make you realize friend
Just how special you are,
And how much I really care for you
You are indeed a beautiful star.

My battle was a harder one
But I knew I would make it through
Because I felt you praying for me
And that's why I love you.

I love you for thinking of me
And for taking time to pray.
And someday, I might get the chance
To meet you in life's way.

Written by Ann Hart
İFeb 2nd.2006
For all my Email and Paltalk friends.
you mean the world to me!



"Wind Beneath My Wings"
Seouenced By Bob Mace
With Permission


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