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Crown of Thorns

The Price He Paid





Have you ever considered how many
different meanings go with this word?
I received a letter from a friend,

Mary Tindall,

About a couple of people she knew that
died from a train running into them at
railroad crossings...One she actually
saw happen a few days ago...

This Poem and Page is inspired by,
And Dedicated to
~ Thank You Love! ~

I also had a good friend whose son had
come home from the Viet Naum War, and
very shortly after that,  he was killed by a  
train at a railroad crossing.... I'm sure all
of you know a story similar to this...
Mary's letter got me to thinking about


And there was the cross
That Jesus bore.
The sin of the world
For a moment, He wore!

A crossing He chose to take,
Because of His Love.
It provided the only way
We'd go to His Father above.

......Then our final crossing......

Thinking about crossings,
Brings to my mind
About when we leave
This world behind.

Another crossing ~
And it will be the final one.
Are we sure that we
Will meet the SON?

Cause when we cross from
This life to the next one,
It will all be over for us
 ~ Over and Done ~

Our fate will be sealed,
There won't be another chance.
For that final crossing,
Our plans must be in advance.

By accepting the provision
That Jesus did make,
While on the cross
And our sin He did take.

© 2006 March 19



Scripture From Isaiah 53:

Therefore will I divide him a portion
with the great, and he shall divide the
spoil with the strong;

because he hath poured out his soul
unto death: and he was numbered with
the transgressors; and he bare the sin
of many, and made intercession for
the transgressors.

From ~ Luke 23

   And when they were come to the
place, which is called Calvary,
there they crucified him,

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