A New Creation In Christ Jesus!

Father, You say In Christ Jesus,
That all things have become new,
That I'm a new creature.
By faith I believe it's true.

I am reconciled, through
The Grace that You have sent.
The blood of Jesus covers my sin,
And has relieved me of binding torment.

You've been made sin for us.
You who knew no sin.
To give us the righteousness of God,
And become new within.

Though I don't feel that I'm new,
Your Word says I am.
So I put my trust in You,
And the work of the Precious Lamb.

I'm an ambassador for You,
Trying to share the Love You give.
Because all who will come to you
Shall forever live!



2 Corinthians 5: 21

For He hath made Him to be sin for
us, He who knew no sin; that we might
be made the righteousness of
God in Him.










"My Jesus I Love You"

From Quality Christian Midi
With Permission


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