A Day At The Coast

What a beautiful day at the coast
Although it was windy and cold!
We didn't let that slow us down
Oh no, we walked that pier so bold!

Remember the restaurant where
You ordered that seafood plate?
And I ordered Mexican food
Thinking it would be so great!

But it was so awful, that I left it there!
While you just smiled and ate
All of your fish strips, and fried shrimp,
Saying those awful looking squid were great!

So many shops, and so many beautiful things.
I loved the shop where you bought your souvenirs.
We hunted and looked through all they had,
And both bought wonderful things amid the cheers!

The morning we left, we stopped one last time,
This time it was a fruit stand and a sweet little shop.
I don't recall a thing that we bought there.
Just reluctant to leave, making one last stop.

I want you to know, and I think that you do,
My trips to the coast will never be the same.
Thoughts of the fun we had ~ I'll remember,
And those memories we made ~ will always remain.

2006 May 21

Philemon 1:4

I thank my God, making mention of thee
always in my prayers




Midi "Memory"
Sequenced By: Bill Basham
Diversi-Tune™ Midi Files


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