Mother, dad, and me on the way, went to live with Aunt Rose
and Uncle Leonard, who lived on a farm.......Back in those
days family's helped each other more that they do now...

My dad and Uncle Leonard would ride their bikes some times
30 miles to work… They would leave without breakfast, leaving
what food we had for the kids and women..

They earned $3.00 a week, and rented a room together to stay
in during the week….They worked at anything they could find..
Paving roads, in the woods, odd jobs of any kind, to earn a
few dollars...

I also remember dad coming home and going fishing in a pond
near by to catch tommycods for our supper…Uncle Leonard
would set rabbit traps, hunt ducks, deer, and moose when in
season and I have even eaten bear….

The women worked the farm, which was small in the beginning
with one cow, a few chickens and a pig.. In time it grew much
bigger! Mother and Aunt Rose would smoke, pickle, and salt
lots of things for the winter, long before canning... We had
what was called storage cellars.

We pumped all of our water, and did our laundry by hand
and a scrub board.. They also made all of our clothes…
Mother was great with hand sewing.. She would take old coats
and remake them for us…

What I remember most, because I loved them, were Aunt
Rose’s blueberry dumplings.....Blueberries are plentiful in
our province.. We are noted for it.. All of us children and
women would go on a blueberry picnic we called it, and
would spend most the day picking berries.. I picked so many
buckets of blueberries, but back then, those dumplings
were a real treat   :)

When war broke out, dad enlisted…. Uncle Leonard was
denied because of his health.. So when dad went overseas,
mother my brother and I moved to the city near by...

But during the summer my brother and I would go back
to the farm and spend our summer holidays with them...
We loved it!

Uncle Leonard died in 1985, 78 years old... My dad was
89, my mom 80… And last I lost Aunt Rose this past
week who was 99 years of age...She was a wonderful
woman and she was my godmother...

A few of my sweet memories I wanted to share with you..

Mary Tindall
© February 2007

Aunt Rose and Mary

Scripture Psalm 42:8

Yet the Lord will command his lovingkindness in
the day time, and in the night his song shall be with
me, and my prayer unto the God of my life.













Clair de Lune


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