Riding across the great lands,
Just you and me together,
Beautiful sunset surrounds,
We enjoy perfect weather.

As the day turns into night,
Our lives too begin changing,
We talk of a future together,
Our deepest thoughts exchanging.

Recalling blessings God has given,
Many years He has been there,
Our lives having taken shape,
Molded by His loving care.

As the sunsets upon our land,
Creating a picturesqueness scene,
We feel the love of our Creator,
Sensing Him although unseen.

Oh Lord, as we enjoy the sunset,
Our thoughts are centered upon You,
We give our thanks to You Father,
For the many blessings You imbue.

ęGayle Davis
29 December 2005


Scripture From:

Psalm 30:12

To the end that my glory may sing
praise to thee, and not be silent.
O LORD my God, I will give thanks
unto thee for ever.

This poem is used with Gayle's
permission. Please respect the
copyright and contact Gayle if
you wish to use it!







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Music: *I Cross My Heart*
From: The Corner Lounge
Sequenced By:
Jack Hall
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