Ice cream cones, 5 cents a dip,
Every Saturday, weíd make that trip.
Down to the corner parlor,
All us kids, didnít even cost a dollar!

Those were the days I loved,
Standing in line, didnít even get shoved.
Everyone knew there was plenty,
And some would spend their last penny!

Chocolate, vanilla and cherry delight,
So scrumptious, to the last bite.
Strawberry, peach, and fudge ripple
Some days, 5 cents for a triple.

They are hard to find anymore,
You have to choose at your grocery store.
Buy your ice cream in a carton,
Cones too, and theyíre not a bargain.

Forget about the atmosphere too,
Waiting in line, is guaranteed for you.
The congeniality is left at home,
Along with the 5 cents ice cream cone.

The Corner Ice Cream Parlor,
Got lost with the inflation of the dollar.
It was so nice way back then,
To have Saturday treats with your friends.

This is life, itís always changing,
Doing away with this, and that rearranging.
But I am thankful for one thing,
We can still get some delicious ice cream!

Itís not like the parlor kind,
And youíll never find two cones for a dime,
But the friends are still a commodity,
That will stay with me throughout eternity.

Shirley Barr

Psalm 37

But the salvation of the righteous
is of the Lord: He is their strength
in the time of trouble.





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