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You call me mother. You do me proud
to have you as a daughter.. God knew you
needed one, and I am so very blessed, and
honored to be it...

You once told me you didn't like poems
until you found God.. He works in
mysterious ways.. People have fallen in
love with you through your love of God
in your poems..We feel your every word..
Your pain and love... God is love and you
give yours so freely..
Mother, Mary

((((((ANN))))),,,I KNOW STILL
(((((ANN)))))), WOWEEEEE!!!!!



Dearest Ann.

I am so very sorry to hear you are not
feeling well and just had to write and
tell you that you are in my heart and
prayers. You are such a precious angel
of God..

We don't know why God allows
things to happen but we can always be
sure that He is always in control.
Whatever we have to endure is part
of His plan, for what reason we may
know one day.

I pray for you especially today, that He
will take the pain and worry away, hold
you in His precious arms and give you rest
and peace.

I love you my Christian sister and your poems
have touched my heart more than you could
ever imagine.

Hugs, God Bless


There's not much left of me that
is good, but I have an extra kidney~~~~
It's yours if you want it.
God Bless and remember......
U R Loved.


Dear Annie:

Hi, love. God Bless you and love you.
He loves you more than we do and I
know that you are going to come out
of this with His help.

You are in my prayers and you will
stay in my prayers.

Don't be too down because now they
will have to find you at least one
kidney and you "KNOW" God is a
miracle worker and with all of us
that love you heaven will be
bombarded with prayers for you.
Remember that we all love you and
want you to be well.

Love you lots, Sweetie!!!

Sharon (Sue-ohchubbysue)


Hello Ann,

Stopping by as I wished I could to say
God is watching over you each and every
day. You have made such a difference
in so many people's lives without even
realizing it.

I wish and pray always for you and
your happiness. May the sun shine each

day and bring you some relief and know
how much you have brought that sun to
mine so many times. May God Bless you.

Love, Arlene

I feel very honored to tell the world what
Ann Hart means to me. When our grandson
died, she was first to offer sympathy. She
wrote a couple of poems, we have on his
web page she is a trooper, but I can always
tell when she is hurting the most, or in
severe pain. She writes the most beautiful,
soul-searching poetry anyone ever set pen
to paper with.

We all pray a little harder for our
sweet love friend then. Ann, I want you to
know how much you have blessed our
family. We all love you, and are praying
for you, and we want you to know that
your testimony of what Jesus love means
to you, inspires us all. I love you, my
family loves you, and most of all, your
love friends love you.

Hugs, Mary Bunnell


We have been prayer partners for
a long time, praying for our needs and
others, and I want you to know that my
thoughts and prayers are for you, always...
Much love in His Love,

Prayer book warrior,
Storming heaven so bold,
Asking for blessings,
In measures untold.

Friend or stranger,
Prayers were given,
Pleading to God the Father,
By her heart thus driven.

Daily she prayed,
Her own pain aside,
Love in her heart,
For God did abide.

Lift your eyes heavenward,
Look upon the Savior so dear,
We are all praying for you,
Knowing our prayers God does hear.

JC Shrimp 1

My beloved sister in Jesus Christ....
Please get well and what ever is needed
to be done may God's hand surely bless
you always!Your in my prayers always
and in thought.

God Bless!
John (Pelican)

Ann my dear friend....please know that
we are all praying for you. We know
Who made us and we know Who can heal
us. May God just pour out His healing on
you. I know this is a scary time, but you
know He is by our side constantly, 24/7.
Ann you are such a blessing to me. Your
poetry is such a God-given talent and it
encourages and blesses.

I have missed you not being on line much
but I also know you would much rather be
online than where you have been....God isn't
finished with you yet! I pray for you peace,
rest and no more pain. Our God can do that.
He can do immeasurably more than we can
even imagine and that is quite a bit. I love
you Ann and also pray for you and your
husband to receive from God the strength
that you need to endure all will lie ahead of
you. You are so special to so many people.
Again, I love you and I am praying for you.

Your Sister in Christ - Debbie

Dear Ann,

Remember how you were so afraid of
Y2K?  You thought you were going to lose you PC and all your friends. See, I was
right, thanks for being my friend for so long,
I love you, Michael Barr
Dear Ann,
I remember well, our first encounter,
You finally decided to drop me a note.
You were then and are now a light in my life,
I miss our weekend chats on audio,
When we would sing and laugh.  You are
part of my heart and always will be.
I love you, Shy

An angel sent down here to earth,
To raise spirits; be an inspiration,
Many souls she has touched,
Faith strong through life's complication.

An example for each of us to follow,
Look to the Lord no matter the reason,
She is like a flower, blooming in beauty,
Grows and flourishes in all seasons.

I love you Ann, in you an angel I see,
You always pray for others in need,
Lifting them to the Father above,
My friend you faithfully sow fertile seed.


I guess you may not know me,
But our paths have surely crossed,
I know that you have many friends,
So Ann please never feel you're lost.

I've read your writings often,
And they always do inspire,
Someday soon do write some more,
For your words will never tire.

Have faith and strength beside you,
Each and every day,
As all your friends that know you,
Will surely for you pray.

You must know we all have loved you,
Right from the very start,
So we will call that name in prayer often,
Our own dear one, Ann Hart.

(Written especially for Ann Hart)

(aka Dark Blue Knight)
Jan 24th 2006


Ann, a friend now for many years, it
has been such a blessing to know you
and read your wonderful poems. And
know it will continue to be a blessing
to me and all to read the ones you will
continue to do in the future. I was sorry
to hear you were having health problems,
but you are in each prayer, sis!!

Love you, Andrea
('TenderHearts', Kentucky_Lady4)

Dearest Ann,

You are in my thoughts and prayers. You
are such a wonderful lady, always filled
with kindness and love for others no
matter if they are friends or strangers
to you.You are going through many trials
and they are hard for you,but with prayers
and love and God you will pass through them.

I am lifting you up in prayers and I know
things will get better for you.god has
given us great Drs. And I am thankful we
live in the times that we have great
technology and cures for our diseases..
God is so wonderful and I love him so very
much....He will be with you miss ann,every
step of the way....God bless you dear.
You mean so much to me,
My love and prayers are with you,

Nancy Parrish

 Hello Ann,
This is L'il Angel Reb. I have never
met you, but have always heard good
things about you. I visited your website
and loved your poetry. I am on the Friends
Site, so let's get acquainted. Wishing you
God's Blessings,


My Sweet Friend Ann,

I am so sorry you are so ill and if there is
anyway I can help, I will.
We will always be here for you.......
This is a *Get Well* wish with a secret
touch From someone who loves you
very much.

Hope it won't be very long
before you're feeling fit and strong.
Raring to go throughout the day
And enjoying life in every way.

We're thinking of you & praying your
illness will soon be a thing of the past.
God be with you moment to moment,
hour to hour, and day to day,
until you are well again.

"Sing unto the Lord, bless His name shew
forth His salvation from day to day."
Psalms 96:2

Take each day as it comes and live it in
peace. The good thoughts of all who
love you will keep you warm. Rest easy
for everything will take care of itself...
and each new tomorrow will find you
feeling better.

May God Bless You Always...
All Our Love ....

Dede & Dick

Dear Ann: I'm praying for you. God
bless you, keep you and make His face to
shine unto you and your family. May the
Holy Spirit comfort you in the cradle of
His arms. Be encouraged, your Daddy
loves you and you are very special to Him.

Quartz Hill, CA., USA
I Peter 2: 24
"By His stripes you are healed."

Dear Ann

Ann, I have heard that you're ill
I do pray for wellness in the name of Jesus;
still You may not know me; I'm sure that
sure I do you
I've read your poems. I'll Pray for Dr’s
to know what to do.

I know you must be distresses; quite surely;
But God hears our Prayers; He'll; make
you glad
We know not how, or when, but; God does
One of the greatest things He does is;
heal and love.

I Pray you'll be home again soon; it’s my Prayer
I wish I lived close to you; if so I'd meet
you there
I know your loved ones and, you, worry some too,
But, in His very own way our Lord will take
care of you.

Remember He’s the fairest of ten thousand
And though you can't see;
I'm sure around you is an Angel band
Praying and singing in a sweet Angel voice
So just look around and listen; you might
even rejoice!

©Pearlie Duncan Walker


Psalms 138--1, 2& 3

1... I will Praise Thee with my whole heart:
before the Gods, will I sing Praise unto Thee.

2... I will worship toward thy Holy temple,
and praise Thy name for Thy lovingkindness
and for the truth: for Thou hast magnified
Thy word above all Thy Name

3... In the days, when I cried; Thou
answeredst me, and strengthenedst me;
with strength in my soul.

Hi Ann!!
Am keeping you in my prayers as
I so enjoy your poems. God will
prevail and you will be better soon!!
Spring is on its way with renewal
of all living things!!

Love Ya

Just a note to cheer you, Ann
When hard day's get you down
Just a small way to show you
Admiration and love for you abound
You are someone very special
Going through hard times right now
Just know that people everywhere
Send you sunshine and roses hoping
to touch you somehow!

You are very gifted a special child of God
I feel your pain...I feel this path you trod
Hold your head up my dear because,
God loves you so
And many out here in cyberland also love you.
more then you will ever know
Feel the love that now come's your way
Feel each prayer that goes out for you
each day, Praying for God to bring you His
healing. May it be very soon
But, let each whisper of the breeze
Remind are always a precious
"Rose" in full bloom!

Love always,

©January 23, 2006

A woman who has waited
For our Lord to have His way
Believing in His " Mercy "
With healing to come ...One day

You are always, ever faithful
Ever constant in your praise
Writing poetry, as your tool
Your trust in Him...Never sways

I'm sure the Lord looks down
Upon His servant "Ann" with pride
Sending Angels around and about
Protecting you, on every side

God Bless you our ...sweet Ann
Let your faith carry you though
Remember we are all praying
Knowing "God" is near to you.

My Love & Prayers are with you...

Judith Johnson Kypta

Create in me a pure heart, O God, and
renew a steadfast spirit within
me. Do not cast me from your presence
or take your Holy Spirit from
(Psalm 51:10-11, NIV)

Dearest Ann,

We trust and have faith
in our Lord and Savior, Jesus
Christ to answer your prayer request.
May the abiding love of the Master
of Life sustain and strengthen you
through each of your needs. In Jesus
name we rebuke satan to release all
bonds he has on your life and you be
at peace in knowing our Lord will never
leave you or forsake you.

God Bless !!
Your Brother in Christ,

Dear Ann,

Even though we don't know each other
very well, I have prayed for you for
several years. Your poems have been
a true inspiration to me. When i was
at the bottom, I could read what you
had written and realize that i coud hang
in there.....

I pray for God's healing hand on your
body and for his comfort as you go
through surgery or whatever he has in
store for you . You are a real blessing
for many, many of us........Thank you my
friend and may god richly bless you!

In God's love,
Betty (pele121)

Dear Ann:

I am praying for a quick, miraculous
and powerful God filled healing for
you! For all your wonderful poems.
They are such an inspiration to me!

You are such an angel to everyone
and your words are such a huge
encouragement to all!

Soon because you are so and you are
so and you don't deserve to be so sick.
God is great in all his glory!and I trust
he is going to make you better soon!

Love Always,
Your Sister In Christ!

Marilyn Dirks

Dearest Ann:

As you have inspired and comforted
many with your poetry, may you
receive from Jesus the necessary
strength, encouragement, love and
comfort during your time of healing.

In Christ,
Cindy Blackamore

Just a little Cocoa,
to start the morning right
Just a little Cocoa,
makes worries soon take flight.

A bundle of inspiration,
bringing joy to all she meets.
That's just our little Cocoa,
she's a perfectly sweet treat...

A blessing sent from heaven,
to friends both near and far
You make the friendship special
just because of who you are.

Marie Williams

Beloved Ann,

I am praying for you dear sister. I know
that God is able to restore your health thus
I shall pray accordingly in faith that He
will touch your body and restore the
functioning of your kidneys back to normal.
He IS able!!! NOTHING is impossible
with Him. Jesus LOVES YOU and so do I...
Your sister and friend in The Lord


Dear Ann,

All of us in "Serving Our Savior"
are praying for you. You have given us so
much encouragement through your beautiful
poems. Your strength and faith in the Lord
is amazing and I know that He is with you
God be with you and we miss you sis...

Love in Christ

Hi Ann,

I hear my petite rose is not feeling
very good well. Hon you are always
in my prayers and thoughts. When
you go to sleep tonight think of me
and i bet a great big smile will come
on your face the the nurses will ask
what is she smiling about.

You are a very loving and sweet
woman with such wonderful words to
say about all. You are my petite rose
and always will be and I will pray
for nothing but the best for you
for you are a rose that blooms all
year long spring summer winter and

Keep your chin up hon and
remember we are your family as well
and we love you dearly. I hope you have
a smile on your face now reading this
cause thinking of your brings warmth
into my heart knowing I have such a
wonderful caring friend like you.
Take care sweetie.

Love ya.
Peter (aka headcheese)

My Dearest Ann,

You do not know me but I know you,
I've always loved your sweet prose,
Writings of Jesus and of His Love,
So I'm sending you The Rose.

He tends to all sickness and disease,
By the sweet Touch of His Hand,
He creates new parts called 'miracles,'
Our Physician you know's Grand.

I am praying for you and His Touch,
A new kidney is my plea,
And His Love to keep you strong always,
By His Stripes He heals you free.

Keep your sights High my sister in Christ,
He's with you all the while,
And many prayers storm Heaven's Gates,
Praying that extra big mile.

My love to you my dear Ann Hart,

Sondra McPherson

Our Loving Friend Ann

Since I met you three years ago,
You have become so dear to my heart.
You always lend a helping hand,
In poems, but most of all in your prayers.
So I do want to promise you,
That you are always in my daily
thoughts and prayers too.

God Bless You Ann So Much,

I Love You,

Dear Ann,

You are a wonderful poet and I
enjoy reading your writings so
much. You give so much to
other people's pleasure.

Love and hugs,

Carol Barton


I have never opened my mail from you
that love didn't spill out into my life
and bring joy to my heart...Your love
for Jesus and for us, is evident in all
you write and pass along to us..

When your name comes to my mind it
is ALWAYS connected with Jesus' Love...
That is all you have ever shown to me,
and it has always been abundant!
You remember Sweet Heart, that we
need you, and that light that shines so
brightly from you into our lives...
You are in my heart and my prayers
sweet Ann, and
I love you..



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