"Hot Biscuits and Tomato gravy"

Let’s do something very simple today for a nice easy
breakfast to start off the day really great. I know
you maybe have said many times, “I just can’t make
biscuits that are light and tender. They always turn
out heavy and tough.”

Today you will learn that you can do this and it is
really easy to do. Take your time and don’t be in a
rush and enjoy doing something new that the old
sea Capt. Can teach you to do. Just listen up now and
follow what I tell you and in about 30 min. you will
have some of the best eating you could ever wish for.

Now get things together so we can get this cooking
show on the road. You need some things that you most
likely have and if not should be able to pick up at
the corner market for very little. You need some good
buttermilk. Takes good buttermilk to make good
biscuits, but if you don’t have any you can still make
almost as good biscuits with just milk by adding just
a little vinegar into the milk and let it give it that
little acid that is there in the buttermilk.


Not too much now just a spoon full or so. You
also need some flour and if you can find it use
self risen flour. Works great and lots easier than having
to use the baking powder and adding salt and just lots
easier. Here just let me make you the list of ingredients
to make a small batch of 8 to 10 biscuits depending
on the size you make.

2 cups of self risen flour with a little extra as bench flour.
¼ cup of good oil (I use the liquid kind. so much easier to use.)
¾ cup of buttermilk or u can use regular milk also.

If your using buttermilk you need to add just a little
bit extra baking powder since the butter milk is heavy
the extra makes it rise better for lighter biscuits.

Place the flour in your mixing bowl and make a well in
the center to place your oil and milk into. Now comes
the fun stuff you get to clean your finger nails now
if you need to as you mix up the dough by using your
hands instead of a spoon but either works great.
Be careful you don’t get the dough to wet or you can
work with it very easily. If it is to dry you can add
a small amount of more b/milk or just a tiny bit of
water will also work. One thing now do not over work
your biscuit dough or it will be tough.

There are 2 ways to make the biscuits. You can roll
it out or just pinch it off and roll them in your hand.

If you roll them out an easy way in a small area is to
use a heavy duty tin foil to work it on and just lightly
pat it out to about ¾ inch thick and then cut your
biscuits out. Oh you say you don’t have a cutter.
I bet you do. Take the veggie can you opened last
night for dinner and wash it out and cut the bottom
out and here now you have perfect cutter. This will
make about 7 to 10 biscuits depending the size and

You say you don’t have a biscuit pan. A cake
pan works great. You know them round kind. They fit
in most toaster ovens also so you don’t even have to warm
up the kitchen with the big oven. Oh yes I almost
forgot. Preheat your oven to 450 and place them in and
allow about 15 min. to bake until they are golden brown.
Don’t grease the pan they will come out just fine.

Now I guess you need something easy to go with them.
Have you ever eaten tomato gravy? It is great with hot
biscuits and you can make it while they are baking.

You need a can of tomatoes and about 2 tablespoons of
flour to make a roux. And I like a couple slices of good
smoked country style bacon per person. Not that wimpy
super thin stuff that cooks away to nothing.
Fry up the bacon and save about 2 table spoons of the
bacon fat and in the pan you fried it in mix in the flour
and sir it together to make a roux cooking it till it
starts to turn light brown.

Now start to add the tomatoes into it the
roux stirring it with a wire whisk to keep it smooth and
lump free. You will most likely have to add some water
to thin it some also. Remember to use only cold water
and whisk it in slowly so it stays with out lumps. I like
to cook some onions with the bacon but that is only
according to your taste and I like black pepper and lots
of garlic also but you must season it to your taste as it
may well be different than mine.

Hot liquid will make lumps so always remember
to use the cold stuff. Heheheheh

I sure hope that you will try this and remember to work
the dough as little as you can for light tender biscuits.
When you make yeast bread you have to work it a lots
but not the biscuits. Good luck and I will be adding
more cooking stuff soon.

Love to you all in Jesus our Lord and Savior.
The only hope we have in life.











Midi: ~LouisianaMan~

Sequenced by: Don Carroll
With Permission

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