The Awards that you add to this page, I accept
as an honor beyond words for me to say. For my
co-workers in the cause for Christ Jesus to honor
this site is awesome...Thank You from my heart,
and with all my heart! It is for Jesus that I work,
and want every page on this site to honor and please
Him, and also be a blessing to others...Jesus is the
Light in my life, and without Him I am nothing. I
know this because I was once lost and without His
Love in my heart, and I was nothing...

Please click the awards to visit the sites that
contributed them, you will be blessed!

Each Award and gift has touched my heart,
and each one is so special to me
.......I love And Thank You With All My Heart.......


~Your Love Amazes Me~
Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Permission Given

Webmistress Melva

ŠSilver and Gold and Thee 2004